"After watching Dead. Tissue. Love at encounters necrophilia suddenly seemed... comprehensible. It's one of those films which left a lasting impression. When I think about it I still get goosebumps"

Dead. Tissue. Love. is an intimate experimental documentary exploring the individual character of a female necrophile, as she recounts her life experiences, sexual awakening and how she express her sexuality, all whilst hiding it from a society that demonises her.


Premiere: The Final Girls: We Are The Weirdo's (UK Tour)

WINNER BFI Future Film Festival - Best Experimental

SXSW, Encounters Short Film Festival, Sitgest Film Festival, Ann Arbor, Underwire, London Short Film Festival...


Director - Natasha Austin-Green

Producer - Joe Argent

Director of Photography - Brad Graham

Editor - Tom Windsor

Production Design - Matty Crawford


Experimental Documentary, 2017

9 mins, 4:3, English, United Kingdom